List of Compositions:

Piano solo:

Cinq ètude pour piano (1995)       

Zoiros (1995)       

Folletti (1995)           

Ottundimento (1995)       

Fable (1995)

Nonna Lia (1995)           

Op.5 (1995)           

Daddy's omage (1995)       

Alex (1997)       

C'est la vie (1996)           

In a joplin's mood (1998)       

Sabbia bianca (2018)       

Occhi di grotta (2018)       

Stargazer (2019)       

Scherzo in do# min. (2020)       

Astrazione (2021)       

Darkness (2021)       

Sorrisi (2021)       

Le matin sur la mer (2021)       

Valzer triste (2022)       

two pianos:




Gundula's duets (six duets for two flutes) (1996)                                 

Il soffio di Eolo for G&C flute and piano (2010)       

Sonata per flauto e pianoforte (2017)       

Beatbox swing per flauto e pianoforte (2017)       


Oboe/English horn: Sonate für englisch Horn/Oboe und Klavier (2002)       


Iperion (2000)           

Pistacchio verde (2013) Klarinettenquartett
(2 b Klarinetten, alt Klarinette in Es und Bass Klarinette in b)       


Summer sax (2020) per alto sax e pianoforte     

Sonata per alto sax e pianoforte (2020)

Überlegung für alto sax solo (2020)     

Gingko biloba per alto sax e pianoforte (2021)

Da mondi invisibili per alto sax e pianoforte (2021)     

Il giardino incantato per alto sax e pianoforte (2022)

The colors of a genius per alto sax e pianoforte (2022)

Turbulenz per sax tenore e pianoforte (2022)


3 pezzi per fagotto solo (1997)  

Sonata per fagotto e pianoforte (2001)       

Catstep (2000) for fagott solo     

Fantasie mediterranee (2007)  

Exploraciones surrealistas...nach Remedios Varo (2012) Fagot and piano       


Foglio d'album per trombone solo (1996)       

Sonata per trombone e pianoforte (1996)  


Playing on a riff (2005) for violin and piano  

Note della vita (2015) for violin and piano     

Orizzonti sul mare (2020) for violin and piano     

Fantasia moderna (2009) for viola and cello       

Sonate für Bratche und Klavier (2020)  

Cigarillos (2009) for cello and piano     

A broken foot (2013) for cello and piano     

Spiriti vaganti (2010) for cello, piano and percussions  

Through the darkness (2021) for strings and piano       

Saltarello moderno (2022) for recorder, harp, strings and percussions       


Trio alla maniera classica (2006) for Clarinet, Cello and piano       

Burst (2006) Trio per violino,violoncello e pianoforte       

Pulsation (2010) for Clarinet, Cello and piano       

Trios for flute, viola and guitar:

Friends (1998)     

Alba (1998)     

Priliu a odliu (1998)     

Winds Quintet

"Wiener Quintett" (1999) for Tr., Fl., Ob., Cl. and Fag.          
auch mit klassische Quintettbesetzung:Fl, Ob, Cl., Horn, Fag.


"Graden Sextet" (2004) for Fl., Engl.hrn./Ob., Cl., Hrn., Fag., and Piano       

Big ensemble

"One day" (2000) for piano, brass and 4 Timpani


Symphonia per l'Europa (2003)        

Indo-deutsche Rhapsodie (2011)

Arrangements for solo, choir and big Orchestra:

Schubert: Mirjams Siegesgesang Kantate D 942
Sopran solo, Choir and big Orchestra
or available also for:
Sopran solo, Women's Choir and big Orchestra        


Tiku tta (2014) for mezzo soprano e pianoforte

Habanera (2015) for mezzo soprano e pianoforte     

Cryptically (2018) per soprano e pianoforte

Cantilena (2020) per soprano, archi e pianoforte

Lontano sussurra (2021) per mezzo-soprano e pianoforte

Le fate (2021) per mezzo-soprano e pianoforte


See the light (2002)     for S A T B

Corri (2005)         for SS AA TT BB

Bahar (2006)         for SS AA TT BB

Mamba-o (2007)         for SS AA TT BB

Vita manet in aeternum (2010)   for SS AA TT BB

Tarantella culinaria (2011)   for SS AA TT B

In memoriam Matris (2014)   for SS AA TT BB solo MS

Phos (2015)   for SS AA TT BB

L'air (2015)   for SS AA TT BB

Ah-va (2015)   for SS AA TT BB

Eigen willig (2015)   for SS AA TT BB

Die Erde (2016)   for S A T B

Ende Aria (2016)   for S A T B, small group, percussions opt.

Arrangements for mixed choir:

The Wedding         for S A T B

Tico tico     for SS AA TT BB

Samba de uma nota só       for S A T B

Libertango   for SS AA TT BB

Little drop of poison   for SS AA TT BB

Got to get it all straightened out   for SS AA TT B

Clothes line saga   for SS AA TT B

Mongolia   for S A T B

Lu Guarracino (Tarantella napoletana )         for S A T B

Sciarazula marazula   (music of XIII sec.)   for SS A T B

Wer, was, wann   (Volkslied aus Abruzzi - Deutsche Text:Regina Uttenthaler)   for SS AA TT BB

The wellerman     for SATB

My mother told me     for SATB

(All works by Nelly LiPuma have been performed multiple times and can be required at:
Universal Edition or Doblinger Musikhaus)