List of Compositions:

Piano solo:

Cinq tude pour piano (1995)       

Zoiros (1995)       

Folletti (1995)           

Ottundimento (1995)       

Fable (1995)

Nonna Lia (1995)      

Op.5 (1995)           

Daddy's omage (1995)

Alex (1997)  

C'est la vie (1996)      

In a joplin's mood (1998)       

Sabbia bianca (2018)       

Occhi di grotta (2018)       

two pianos:




Gundula's duets (six duets for two flutes) (1996)                                 

Il soffio di Eolo for G&C flute and piano (2010)       

Sonata per flauto e pianoforte (2017)       

Beatbox swing per flauto e pianoforte (2017)       


Oboe/English horn: Sonate fr englisch Horn/Oboe und Klavier (2002)       


Iperion (2000)           

Pistacchio verde (2013) Klarinettenquartett (2 b Klarinetten, alt Klarinette in Es und Bass Klarinette in b)       


3 pezzi per fagotto solo (1997)  

Sonata per fagotto e pianoforte (2001)       

Catstep (2000) for fagott solo     

Fantasie mediterranee (2007)  

Exploraciones surrealistas...nach Remedios Varo (2012) Fagot and piano       


Foglio d'album per trombone solo (1996)  

Sonata per trombone e pianoforte (1996)  


Playing on a riff (2005) for violin and piano  

Note della vita (2015) for violin and piano

Fantasia moderna (2009) for viola and cello       

Cigarillos (2009) for cello and piano     

A broken foot (2013) for cello and piano     

Spiriti vaganti (2010) for cello, piano and percussions  


Trio alla maniera classica (2006) for Clarinet, Cello and piano       

Burst (2006) Trio per violino,violoncello e pianoforte       

Pulsation (2010) for Clarinet, Cello and piano       

Trios for flute, viola and guitar:

Friends (1998)

Alba (1998)

Priliu a odliu (1998)

Winds Quintet

"Wiener Quintett" (1999) for Tr., Fl., Ob., Cl. and Fag.          
auch mit klassische Quintettbesetzung:Fl, Ob, Cl., Horn, Fag.


"Graden Sextet" (2004) for Fl., Engl.hrn./Ob., Cl., Hrn., Fag., and Piano  

Big ensemble

"One day" (2000) for piano, brass and 4 Timpani


Symphonia per l'Europa (2003)   

Indo-deutsche Rhapsodie (2011)

Arrangements for solo, choir and big Orchestra:

Schubert: Mirjams Siegesgesang Kantate D 942
Sopran solo, Choir and big Orchestra
or available also for:
Sopran solo, Women's Choir and big Orchestra        


Tiku tta (2014) for mezzo soprano e pianoforte

Habanera (2015) for mezzo soprano e pianoforte     

Cryptically (2018) per soprano e pianoforte


See the light (2002)     for S A T B

Corri (2005)         for SS AA TT BB

Bahar (2006)         for SS AA TT BB

Mamba-o (2007)         for SS AA TT BB

Vita manet in aeternum (2010)   for SS AA TT BB

Tarantella culinaria (2011)   for SS AA TT B

In memoriam Matris (2014)   for SS AA TT BB solo MS

Phos (2015)   for SS AA TT BB

L'air (2015)   for SS AA TT BB

Ah-va (2015)   for SS AA TT BB

Eigen willig (2015)   for SS AA TT BB

Die Erde (2016)   for S A T B

Ende Aria (2016)   for S A T B, small group, percussions opt.

Arrangements for mixed choir:

The Wedding         for S A T B

Tico tico     for SS AA TT BB

Samba de uma nota s       for S A T B

Libertango   for SS AA TT BB

Little drop of poison   for SS AA TT BB

Got to get it all straightened out   for SS AA TT B

Clothes line saga   for SS AA TT B

Mongolia   for S A T B

Lu Guarracino (Tarantella napoletana )         for S A T B

Sciarazula marazula   (music of XIII sec.)   for SS A T B

Wer, was, wann   (Volkslied aus Abruzzi - Deutsche Text:Regina Uttenthaler)   for SS AA TT BB

(All works by Nelly LiPuma have been performed multiple times and can be required at: